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Dont Fall for the "Apples to Apples Benefit Comparison" Trap

Let’s face it, businesses struggle with costs every day, and benefit costs are no different. Many advisors will sell you on the idea of marketing your benefits plan by offering an “apples-to-apples comparison” of your current plan and promise sizable cost savings.

These comparisons usually involve an extensive line-by-line benefit/price comparison highlighting differences between various benefits providers. The problem with this process is that it doesn't address the rising costs or why your benefit plans may not fit your current needs.

The “apple to apple” mindset can put your business on the “big discount this year to big increase next year” merry-go-round.

Here at Coppertone, we take a different view. We believe that the root cause of rising benefit costs is the lack of proactive and thought-out strategies for cost containment. We believe in building plans that keep premiums predictable and affordable over the long term. To accomplish that our team spends our time understanding your business and helping to design a plan that will create a cost-contained plan, rather than mirroring your existing problem.

If it's time to review your benefits plan, download our free “Small Business Guide to Employee Benefits” today. This guide will show you how to start a benefits review process to get your costs under control. It is what you have been waiting for.

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